Today, Sunday, Public Security Directorate launched the winter awareness campaign, which comes as an extension of its national traffic awareness campaign "Together we arrive safely."

Public Security Director, Maj. Gen. AbeidAllah Maaitah, passed orders to all concerned directorates and departments to implement this campaign in partnership with citizens, which aims to improve the traffic situation and reduce dangerous violations and accidents resulting, in implementation of the wise Royal directives in this regard.

The campaign was launched on behalf of the Director of Public Security, the Assistant for Operations and Training, Brig. Gen. Anwar Al-Tarawneh, who spoke to Public Security Radio ( AM FM ), stressing that the Directorate believes in the importance of media awareness and community partnership that limits negative phenomena and wrong practices.

The assistant  indicated that the campaign includes a set of programmes, media plans and field work, to promote a societal culture that contributes to raising the degree of road safety, and urges adherence to traffic rules, and to stay away from violations, especially dangerous ones, stressing the active role of citizens in building this culture that constitutes Protection of life and property.

Public Security Directorate called on all citizens, institutions and the various media to contribute to this campaign, by spreading awareness and guidance, and supporting the efforts made by the Public Security Directorate and its units  in all governorates to make it a success.