Today, the community policing at Zahran Security Center launched an initiative (Hand by Hand to Protect Our Jordan) with the aim of spreading awareness on how to prevent the Corona virus and limit its spread. This initiative comes within the framework of the societal role played by the Public Security Directorate by promoting partnership with all local community institutions, to confront the spread of the Corona pandemic, especially in light of the increasing number of infected people, which requires efforts and work as a team to protect ourselves and our society from the dangers of the virus. PSD indicated that the citizen is a key partner in the success of the efforts in this field through awareness and adherence to the instructions issued by the competent authorities in this regard, especially with regard to commitment to social distancing, wearing public safety tools and staying away from gatherings. It is noteworthy that the campaign includes printing and distributing awareness brochures about the Corona epidemic, providing public safety tools to citizens, and organizing sterilization tours for a number of sites.