390 drivers underwent qualification courses by the Traffic Institute in the governorates of the Kingdom to write off traffic points registered against them.

Public security announced that since the start of the activation of the traffic points system, 122 driving licenses have been seized and suspended, for the legal periods stipulated by the law and according to the violations committed by drivers.

The directorate emphasized that the traffic system was developed and updated as part of a traffic strategy prepared by the Directorate aimed at improving the traffic situation and reducing dangerous violations, especially among repeaters of these violations.

The system provides for the suspension of the driving license for a period of 60 days, in the event that the points registered against the driver exceeded 16 points, and did not exceed 20 points; for a period of 90 days if it exceeds 20 points and does not exceed 24 points for a period of 120 days if it exceeds 24 points and does not exceed 28 points, and for a period of 180 days if it exceeds 28 points, while the points that have been registered for a year will be written off, unless their total reaches the limit that requires the suspension of the driving license.

The Directorate indicated that the system allowed everyone who scored 8 points up to 15 points to register in an optional course at the Traffic Institute for one time during the year, so that 8 points are reduced from the driver's points record.

PSD added that that the Jordan Traffic Institute held 46 courses since the beginning of the year in the governorates of the Kingdom, with the participation of 390 drivers.

The Directorate confirmed that the drivers who are entitled to 8 to 15 points and wish to join the courses to delete 8 traffic points from their points record can inquire by calling the number (0770991751) or by sending SMS messages or WhatsApp to the same number.