02 / 12 / 2023 

The narcotic substance was sent via postal parcel after the cocaine was formed in the form of coffee and cocoa coming from a South American country.

**International follow-up will be carried out with a number of countries to reach the criminal group  members

PSD spokesman said that AND dealt with an attempt to smuggle 47 kg of the narcotic cocaine through international drug smuggling group, in cooperation with three suspects inside the Kingdom, in a case that is considered one of the largest cases that have been dealt with since the beginning of the year.

in the details: The spokesman said that the AND investigation team followed up information for weeks about a group of people inside the Kingdom, in cooperation with international criminal drug smuggling group, attempting to bring large quantities of narcotic substances into the Kingdom.

The spokesman continued that investigations led to the plan to enter these quantities via a postal parcel coming from a South American country after forming it with legal materials that allow it to be brought across the border, so that drug dealers cooperating with the criminal group to receive it legally upon its arrival to the Kingdom.

PSD spokesman confirmed that the investigation team, after long efforts and diligent follow-up, was able to identify the suspicious postal parcel upon its arrival as it was seized. After opening it, it was found that it contained 47 kg of coffee and cocoa beans. It was immediately sent to the Department of Laboratories for examination , The entire quantity is the narcotic substance cocaine, which has been shaped into coffee beans and cocoa powder.

The spokesman  indicated  that after receiving laboratory reports confirming the nature of the narcotic substance, several raids  were performed on the locations of the three suspects in the case and worked to arrest all of them, as  they were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.

investigation will be continued in cooperation with the law enforcement agencies …