13 / 12 / 2023 

Civil Defense personnel worked to evacuate the deaths and transfer the injured to hospitals for treatment.

The Traffic Department, highway patrols, and police worked to organize traffic to facilitate ambulance and rescue operations.

PSD spokesman said that the specialized teams in the Civil Defense Directorates and the police dealt with an accident this morning on the Salhoub road, opposite the forest of the martyr Wasfi al-Tal, specifically in the middle of the Salhoub area.

The spokesman added that the accident resulted in the death of five people and the injury of 35 others, including 5 serious injuries, adding that the deaths were evacuated, first aid was provided to the injured, and they were transferred to nearby hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

The spokesman explained that field PSD personnel  from traffic and highway patrols, and the Balqa Police Directorate, arrived at the site immediately after receiving the report and worked to organize traffic and facilitate ambulance and rescue operations, adding that a traffic investigation had been opened in the accident.