The Anti-Narcotics Department arrested 9,591 persons accused of trafficking and promoting of drugs

Supplying blood banks with 3,000 units of blood in donation campaigns carried out by the public Security.

The traffic departments launch a comprehensive traffic strategy, and the traffic department succeeded in reducing traffic accidents, while the highway patrols department made great traffic and humanitarian efforts.

Traffic departments include 650,000 vehicles in the technical examination of the winter campaign to ensure their readiness.

As usual, Public Security Directorate recorded achievements and carried out tens of thousands of security and humanitarian duties, through various units and formations, and included various services to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

In a report prepared by Public Security Radio, Brigadier General, Director of Civil Defense, Eng. Hatem Yaqoub, confirmed the providing of 450,000 ambulance services in all governorates of the Kingdom during the year 2022, in addition to dealing with 27,000 fire incidents and immediate response to 45,000 rescue incidents by civil defense cadres.

He added that, pursuant to the Royal directives, the readiness of the Civil Defense Department has been raised to keep pace with challenges such as urban expansion and weather conditions, to ensure a speedy response to emergency incidents.

Brigadier General, Yaqoub noted the continuation of training and raising the readiness of human forces by implementing 32 exercises and providing the civil defense with ambulance, rescue and firefighting vehicles

The Director of Civil Defense indicated that the addition of the new ambulatory service represented by linking the ambulance with the emergency of government and military hospitals, through which all the readings of the vital operations of the patient are directly transferred to be in front of the doctor on duty to conduct what is necessary for the patient before his arrival to the hospital through the paramedic, which contributed greatly to preserving the lives of many cases that were transported through ambulances. .

For his part, the Director of management and Human Resources in the Gendarmerie, Colonel Maen Al-Awaisha, told Public Security Radio that 25,000 operational and humanitarian duties were carried out during the year 2022 by the Gendarmerie in supporting roles for the Public Security Directorate.

On the other hand, the Public Security Radio report indicated that the unified emergency phone 911 of Operations and Control received 65 million calls, resulting in 24 million reports, which were immediately followed up by all formations of Public Security Directorate, in conjunction with receiving the complaints phone (114) designated for the deaf. 150 calls resulted in 69 reports, which were dealt with professionally by staff trained in this service.

The Director of the Residence and Borders Department, Brigadier General Awad Al-Sharafat, stated that the electronic visa system was implemented in all border centers during the year 2022, and 4 centers were established to issue residence cards and work permits in one place for foreigners working in the Kingdom, and the electronic link was implemented with the courts to inquire about all travel movements for departures and arrivals.

The Director of the Royal Department for Environment and Tourism Protection, Brigadier General Fakhri Al-Qatarneh, told Public Security Radio that 172 people had been arrested who attempted to attack forest wealth during the year 2022, and that 19,000 notices of environmental violations had been issued to correct their situation in all governorates of the Kingdom.

In the aspect of limiting the spread of the scourge of drugs, the Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department, Colonel Hassan Al-Qudah, confirmed that the Department dealt during the year 2022 with 19,000 drug cases, in which 27,245 people were seized, and 9,591 persons accused of trafficking and promotion, and they were in possession of 327 automatic weapons and 87 vehicles for transporting narcotics.

Colonel Qudah noted that a total of 7,142 kilos of hashish, more than 69 million Captagon pills, 37 kilos of heroin, 156 kilos of marijuana, and 56 kilos of crystal were seized before arriving in neighboring countries.

While 945 people applied for drug addiction treatment at the Addiction Treatment Center, where they completed the drug treatment stages at the center in complete confidentiality and returned to their normal lives in conjunction with the implementation of 4000 awareness activities during the year 2022.

The Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Colonel Basem Al-Ajarma, told Public Security Radio that 4 previous and unknown murders were discovered during the year 2022 that were under investigation, such as a crime that occurred in 1996, a crime in 2003, a crime in 2011, and another in 2013, stressing that no murder file is closed before the perpetrators are arrested

The Director of Criminal Investigation referred to the strenuous investigation efforts, which resulted in the arrest of 5 people who fired gunshots during weddings and events, and led to the death of innocent people.

The report indicated that the traffic departments launched a traffic strategy through which they worked to implement the wise Royal directives to reduce traffic accidents, and launched the traffic points system. Great security and humanitarian efforts on the roads were made, especially in the integrated police stations.

On the one hand, the Director of the Jordan Traffic Institute, Colonel Abdullah Al-Jubour, stated that the traffic, highway patrols and licensing departments included 650,000 vehicles with a technical examination for the winter campaign to ensure their readiness during the winter season in order to preserve the safety of their users, indicating that 61 drivers underwent educational and awareness traffic courses about violations and traffic accidents during the year 2022 enabled them to delete 8 points from their traffic records before their licenses were suspended administratively

In the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department, the director, Colonel Eng. Omar Al-Quraan, said that the department succeeded in easing the burden of citizens by licensing 644,000 vehicles in a record time of no more than ten minutes for each vehicle using the Drive Thru licensing service distributed to 15 sections in all governorates of the Kingdom.

Also, 291,000 citizens were able to complete their transactions through the mobile licensing service, which targets areas far from the main licensing centers, with an increase of 80% compared to last year, indicating  that the year 2022 witnessed the computerization of all services provided in the department except for legal forms.

On the other hand, the report published by Public Security Radio showed that Mass Media and Community Policing directorate launched 33 community initiatives at the level of the Kingdom, in cooperation with local security councils during the year 2022, which included about 5 thousand awareness lectures as part of campaigns to reduce traffic accidents. , and other phenomena and behaviors, while 16 traffic gardens were opened in the various governorates of the Kingdom, and blood banks were supplied with nearly 3 thousand blood units through the implementation of 53 blood donation campaigns with the participation of various formations of the Public Security Directorate .

The report indicated that the Department also carried out 18 awareness days in various private and public Jordanian universities, to reduce traffic accidents, the spread of the scourge of drugs, and the definition of electronic crimes. It presented 172 theatrical works through police theater cadres in various governmental and private educational institutions.

On the digital media side, the Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate published 534 educational and awareness videos in various security and humanitarian fields, while the Public Security pages were followed by about 7 million followers distributed on various platforms, with an annual increase of about 600,000 during the year 2022.