16 / 5 / 2024 

The Safe Summer initiative spread across all governorates of the Kingdom  within great community interaction between citizens, bodies and institutions that supported the initiative’s objectives in the necessity of following sound guidelines for preserving the environment and preventing incidents of summer season.

Citizens and institutions expressed their support for the campaign, and called for establishing a culture of adherence to good practices in outdoor activities, and when dealing with weather conditions in which temperatures may rise causing incidents such as fires, drowning, and snake and insect bites.

In the Public Security Directorate, community policing teams worked in cooperation with the Civil Defense Directorate to strengthen partnerships with schools, universities, institutions, and the local community to support the activities of this campaign and spread awareness and education.

The Directorate also stressed the necessity of adhering to a number of guidelines, the most important of which are caution when lighting a fire in outdoor activities , not climbing trees and dangerous rocky areas or approaching abandoned wells, and not swimming in unallocated bodies of water such as agricultural ponds, dams, and home ponds that do not contain water. Safety conditions are met, and stay away from areas of dense grass that may be an environment for reptiles such as snakes and scorpions.