20 / 12 / 2023 

  The armed forces and security agencies continue their efforts in their war on drugs activities, as AND is carrying out raids operations.

** Since the morning, raids operations have been conducted against drug-dealers in desert areas to which they fled.

720,000  narcotic pills and 1,565 palm-sized sheets  of hashish were seized, in addition to 21 firearms, large quantities of ammunition, communications devices, and binoculars.

*Those arrested are recipients of narcotic substances and are involved  with drug smugglers within regional gangs along the northeastern border.

PSD spokesman said that a specialized security force supported by Anti-Narcotics Department carried out a group of simultaneous security operations and raids, which included desert sites in the Al-Ruwaished area.

The spokesman added that the security teams have continued, since this morning, their operations to deal and arrest a group of the most dangerous drug dealers and smugglers, who fled and went into hiding with the beginning of the implementation of the operations in the Al-Ruwaished area months ago.

today's security operations came after an effort and intelligence work that lasted for months, during which the hiding locations  of those wanted were identified in the  desert areas where they prepared for their criminal activities, the specialized security teams prepared the raid plans appropriate to the nature and geography of the region, and began implementing them since this morning today, added the PSD spokesman.

PSD spokesman added that the wanted persons opened fire directly against  the security force, which applied the rules of engagement and were able to control and arrest them. No casualties were recorded among the operating security force, while one of the wanted men was injured and taken for treatment.

The spokesman explained that nine people were arrested, six of whom were classified as very dangerous and armed, and whose direct connection with regional drug gangs and their smugglers along the northeastern borders was confirmed, and some of them played the role of receiving narcotic substances and storing them inside the Kingdom in preparation for re-smuggling them to neighboring countries or trading them in the kingdom .

narcotic substances were found in the possession of those arrested: 720,000 narcotic pills, 1,565 palm-sized sheets of hashish, 21 firearms, large quantities of ammunition, communications devices, and binoculars.

Public Security Directorate stressed that operations against drug-dealers will be continued in all regions of the kingdom.

The Public Security Directorate affirmed its continued work in coordination and integration of roles and efforts with the Jordan Armed Forces - the Arab Army, and the security agencies.