The lower house Speaker Ahmed Al-Safadi said that the Jordan constitution established the status of the parliament as a main umbrella for the overall performance of the Jordanian state and all its institutions, and the legislative authority has always been the mirror of popular representation through the most sincere forms and through popular participation in voting and thus participation in decision-making.

Al-Safadi's speech came in a lecture he gave at the Royal Police Academy on parliamentary and party  life in Jordan, in the presence of the representative of Public Security Director, Brigadier General Eng. Mohammad Al-Omoush.

Al-Safadi added: We speak with great pride and honor about our national achievement, which is led with determination and steadfastness, His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein and the Crown Prince Al-Hussein Ibn Abdullah II, as the master of the country wanted us to enter the second centenary of the state with a national project whose title was modernization and development in the political, economic and administrative tracks.

Al-Safadi continued by saying that the goal of the modernization process is to involve everyone in decision-making, and through the participation our youth who provide models that we are proud of, along with Jordanian women who have achieved remarkable successes, which requires support and empowerment, and this is the goal that we are moving steadily towards in various state institutions.

With regard to party  life in Jordan, Al-Safadi said that it is not recent, but rather the Kingdom was witnessing an effective movement in various stages, and I can say that the past year was a year of political achievement, as it witnessed an unprecedented political situation in the course of political modernization. The election and party laws are in accordance with real fundamental amendments, including the allocation of 41 seats for parties in the House of Representatives, which is a first step aimed at reaching programmatic parliaments.