An intelligence and operational effort led to his location and arrest, and requests for drug cases , robbery, intimidation of citizens, and resistance to security forces.

PSD spokesman said that a special security force from the Anti-Narcotics Department managed after midnight in the Anjara area / Ajloun governorate, to arrest one of the most dangerous drug dealers in the northern region, after determining his whereabouts in order to sell a quantity of narcotic substances.

The spokesman added that an intensive intelligence effort was made by a special investigation team over the course of weeks to follow up and collect information about that wanted person, who is classified as very dangerous and armed, and against him 20 judicial restrictions in the cases of drug trafficking, robbery, intimidating citizens and resisting security men, as he was able to determine his whereabouts and his intention to sell a quantity of drugs for a person, and the necessary ambushes were placed in the vicinity of the area.

The spokesman confirmed that, upon his arrival to sell narcotics, the drug dealer  was attacked and resisted by force, but he was controlled and arrested, and a quantity of the deadly crystal was seized in his possession, and investigations were launched in preparation for referring him to the sources of his requests.