with 200,000 narcotic pills and three firearms were seized during the operation

One of them was wounded and taken to the hospital for treatment

The two suspects has connections for a regional dealer located in one of the neighboring Arab countries, and Interpol will be addressed regarding him

PSD spokesman said that a security force applied the rules of engagement yesterday evening with two drug dealers and smugglers, after they fired heavily at the security force immediately after their raid.

In the details, the spokesman confirmed that a special investigation team took over the investigation with information received about a member of a regional gang present in a nearby Arab country .

The spokesman added that the investigation team was able, through the collection of intelligence information, to determine the identity of the two persons involved inside the Kingdom.

after determining the date and location of the drug transfer, ambushes were set in the vicinity of the area. Immediately upon their arrival they were raided them, immediately upon seeing the security force, the two suspects opened  fire using automatic weapons.

the rules of engagement were applied until the suspects  were brought under control and arrested. One of them was treated as a result of his wounds. By searching the vehicle, 200,000 narcotic pills were found inside it, and three firearms, two of which were automatic.

The spokesman indicated that, through the applicable official frameworks, Interpol will be addressed regarding the drug dealer and smuggler who is in a neighboring Arab country.