PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department have dealt, during the past 24 hours, with a number of drug trafficking cases in the capital, the northern Badia, and Ma'an, and are carrying out a security operations against drug dealers in Ramtha.

In the first case, east of the capital, two drug dealers were arrested due to the possession of  30 packages of hashish.

In another operation AND raided the house of a drug dealer in the northern Badia, after confirming information received about his storage of quantities of narcotic substances a house, the drug-dealer was arrested, when the house was searched, a hole was found containing 12 packages of narcotic hashish.

Another  house of a drug dealer in Ma'an governorate was raided in which the drug-dealer was arrested. With 3,000 narcotic pills and 5 packages of hashish were found in his possession.

The spokesman confirmed that a special security operation was carried out in Ramtha against drug dealers, promoters and wanted people with the support of the Police Directorate, during which several locations were raided and five suspects wanted for drug cases were arrested