In one of the cases, one of the most dangerous dealers was arrested in the northern desert in which 22,000 narcotic pills and 75 packages of hashish was seized.

The spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department continued the  intensive operations to deal with all forms of narcotic activities.

In the most prominent cases, after intelligence efforts that extended for months, investigation team was able to raid and arrest a person who is considered one of the most dangerous drug dealers in the northern desert, after his whereabouts were determined and he was arrest with possession  of 22,000 narcotic pills, in addition to 75 packages of narcotic hashish.

In one of the northern Badia regions, AND also raided the whereabouts of a drug dealer, seven packages  of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills were seized in the case.

In Al-Karak Governorate, a person suspected of drug cases was followed up after information was received that he had transported a large quantity of drugs by his vehicle. He was stopped, arrested with possession of  14 packages of hashish and a firearm.

In the Ramtha district, a drug dealer was arrested with possession of 1 kg of narcotic crystal.

In the Capital Governorate, four cases were dealt with in various regions , during which five traffickers and promoters were seized, the most prominent of which was the seizure of approximately 1 kg of cocaine with one of the dealers in the first case, while an apartment used by two people as a place to promote drugs was raided and they were arrested with 12 packages of hashish and 1000 narcotic pills, and in the third case a promoter was arrested and a quantity of narcotic marijuana were seized in his possession. In the last case, AND raided the place of a promoter and seized 7 marijuana packages and 1000 narcotic pills.