11 / 3 / 2024 

The wanted man is classified as very dangerous and armed. He has 76 judicial restrictions for drug cases, the formation of evil gangs, and he is responsible for a drug trafficking and drug promotion groups in Karak Governorate.

PSD spokesman said that a security force raided this morning the location of a dangerous and armed wanted man, who is considered the most dangerous wanted person in Karak Governorate,  and arrest him after intense resistance and an exchange of gunfire. He was taken to the hospital after he was injured.

In the details, PSD spokesman confirmed that AND special team followed up and collecting intelligence information about person classified as very dangerous and armed.

The spokesman added that the security forces immediately upon seeing the wanted man fired heavy bullets, He was dealt with according to the rules of engagement until he was controlled and arrested. He was taken to the hospital after he was injured to receive treatment, while another person who was with him was arrested, and two automatic firearms were found in his possession. A large amount of equipment, a quantity of narcotic crystal, Joker powder, and three grenades.