9 / 1 / 2024 

AND deals with a number of specific cases in various regions of the Kingdom, during which a number of drug dealers and promoters were arrested

PSD spokesman said that, the intelligence information about a number of wanted and suspected persons involved in drug trafficking in the Central Badia led to determining the locations and criminal activities, as the anti-narcotics implemented a joint security campaign on those sites.

The spokesman confirmed that raids operations were carried out on the locations of these people led to the arrest of five suspects, the most prominent of whom was a person classified as danger, and 27,000 narcotic pills and 90 palm sized-sheets of hashish were found in his possession, while a drug dealer was also arrested during the campaign with 10 palm sized-sheets of hashish and two weapons were found in his possession.

The spokesman added that anti-narcotics squads also dealt with a number of specific cases in various regions of the Kingdom, as a drug dealer was arrested in the Capital Governorate as 39,000 narcotic pills were seized in his possession, while 33,000 narcotic pills were seized in another case in Ma’an Governorate.

In Mafraq Governorate, two cases of drug dealers were dealt with, in the first case, a dealer was arrested in possession of 13 palm sized-sheets of hashish, while the other was arrested in the second case in possession of 8 palm sized-sheets of hashish. Meanwhile, in one of the areas of Southern Shuna, an attempt by a drug dealer to grow quantities of marijuana seedlings was thwarted as he was arrested too.