Five people including the main suspect were arrested

The counterfeiters tried to take advantage of most merchants' lack of knowledge of the new currency, despite the bad quality of their counterfeiting. They seized 184 counterfeit banknotes and used equipment.

We invite everyone to check the currency before accepting it, and when in doubt, report it directly to the emergency number (911)

PSD spokesman said that workers in the Anti-Narcotics Department were able, after investigative efforts, to overthrow a criminal network that counterfeited a quantity of the new currency of fifty dinars and began promoting it to a number of shops.

In the details, the spokesman added that information had been received to the department about unidentified persons promoting fake banknotes in the fifty dinars currency  to a number of shops in the Balqa governorate, the capital, and the Rusaifa district, as investigation teams investigated the case to arrest persons.

spokesman confirmed that the investigations, efforts made, and information gathering led the investigators to suspect four people, all of whom were arrested in the capital inside a vehicle. The team seized 184 counterfeit banknotes (9,200) dinars and an amount of narcotic substances.

The suspects admitted that they had received these counterfeit papers from the main forger present in the Aqaba governorate and went to the capital to promote that currency, taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the new currency .

a security force in the city of Aqaba went to the whereabouts of the main counterfeiter, raided and arrested him in which the force seized inside the place a number of counterfeit banknotes, printers, inks, laptops and equipment used to counterfeit the currency. All of them will be referred to the Prosecutor General of the State Security Court.