14 / 2 / 2024 

PSD spokesman said that during the past few days, AND  dealt with 9 specific cases in various regions of the Kingdom, during which 19  drug dealers and smugglers were arrested.

The spokesman confirmed that the most prominent of these cases was in the Capital Governorate, the intelligence information about a drug smuggling cell, their identities were identified and a large quantity of narcotic substances were prepared to be smuggled to one of the neighboring countries by hiding them inside a (photo) frame, and sending it as a postal parcel. The location of the package was located and seized, and 25,000 narcotic pills were found inside it. Simultaneously, the AND teams dispatched the location and arrested the three involved.

Three other cases were also dealt with in the Capital Governorate. In the first case, a person classified as dangerous and armed was arrested, and 15  judicial restrictions were recorded against him, in addition to 28  judicial restrictions in other cases. The suspect had been hiding for years after his whereabouts were determined and he was arrested. In the second case, two drug dealers were pursued in areas south of the capital, and after confirming that they were in possession of narcotic substances, a vehicle they were driving was raided and they were arrested, and 36  palm-sized sheets of hashish and 36 small boxes containing hashish oil and a quantity of narcotic pills were seized in their possession. In the last case in the capital, half a kilogram of the deadly crystal substance was seized as two dealers were arrested.

In Mafraq Governorate, after collecting information about four drug dealers, monitoring their criminal activity, and determining where they hid narcotic substances, they were all arrested and 10,000  narcotic pills were seized in their possession, while in one of the areas of the northern desert, a drug dealer was arrested, and four firearms and a quantity of substances were found in his possession. Narcotic.

In Ma'an Governorate, a drug dealer was raided and 4,000  narcotic pills and  half of hashish were found in his possession. Three drug dealers were also arrested in Irbid Governorate after it was confirmed that they promoted narcotic substances in the governorate, and 7  palm- sized sheets of hashish were seized in their possession. In the latest case in Karak Governorate two drug dealers were arrested in possession of 2,000  narcotic pills and 6  marijuana.

All cases were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.