14 / 12 / 2023 

Two drug-dealers, considered among the main dealers and promoters of the deadly crystal substance, were arrested in the capital

  AND dealt with an attempt by four suspects to counterfeit currency in the Ramtha

PSD spokesman said that during the past few days, the Anti-Narcotics Department dealt with a number of specific cases and arrested those involved and the narcotic substances in their possession.

In the most prominent of these cases, AND followed up information about a group of people storing large quantities of narcotic pills inside a house in Jerash Governorate in preparation for smuggling them outside the Kingdom. The place was raided after investigation and verification of the information, and 260,000 narcotic pills were seized inside it, while Another investigation team followed up two suspects  whose involvement in the case was confirmed by investigations as they were arrested too.

In the second case in eastern Amman, over two days, information was monitored and collected about two drug dealers who are considered the main suspects  responsible for promoting the deadly crystal substance in the capital. After determining their location and possession of large quantities of this deadly substance, they were raided, arrested, and found in their possession  one kilogram of that substance, in addition to separate quantities of the same substance prepared for promotion.

In the northern desert, a drug dealer was arrested in possession of 14 palm-sized sheets  of hashish and 2,000 narcotic pills, while in the central desert, two other dealers were raided and arrested , palm-sized sheets  of hashish and a quantity of cocaine were found in their possession. In Ramtha, three drug-dealers who practiced drug trafficking were arrested.

In the latest case, AND dealt with an attempt by a group of suspects to counterfeit a coin, as an investigation team followed up information and arrested the involved.

The place was raided after verifying all the information, and four people were arrested. A large quantity of counterfeit half-dinar coins were seized, in addition to the materials used for that purpose.

All cases and those arrested were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.