10 / 3 / 2024 

  AND dealt with 11 specific cases of drug trafficking in various regions of the Kingdom, during which 24 drug-dealers are arrested

PSD spokesman said that during the past few days, AND dealt with 11 specific cases in various regions of the Kingdom, during which 24 drug dealers and smugglers were arrested.

The spokesman confirmed that the most prominent of these cases was the drug trafficking gangs in Naour and Jabal al-Taj while dealing with two separate cases. In the first case, the activity and movement of a group of people suspected of drug promotion and trafficking in the Naour region and areas south of the capital were monitored. It was confirmed that they had formed a criminal gang to promote drugs, Four of them were arrested, and 120,000 narcotic pills, 10 kg of narcotic hashish  and a firearm were found in their possession.

Meanwhile, intelligence efforts and information gathering resulted in the identification of another criminal gang that practiced drug trafficking in the center of the capital and took a house in the Jabal Al-Taj area to store and sell drugs. The house was raided and five people were arrested inside it, 17 palm-sized sheets of hashish, 1,000 narcotic pills, a quantity of crystal, and two firearms were found in their possession.

In one of the areas of southern Amman, two people classified as dangerous, drug dealers were raided after gathering information about their criminal activities. quantities of narcotic marijuana, a quantity of narcotic pills and 3 firearms were seized in their possession. In the north of the capital, a drug trafficker was arrested, he was in possession of 6 narcotic pills.

In Zarqa Governorate, three people were arrested after following up information about them starting to making the narcotic crystal substance. The house used for this purpose was identified and quantities of chemicals were seized too .

In the Ramtha district, two cases were dealt with. In the first case, two dealers in the drug crystal narcotic drug, one of them of Arab nationality, were arrested. They were found in possession of one and a half kilograms of this deadly substance, while in the second case, they arrested a drug dealer who was in possession of 7 paws of the narcotic cannabis substance.

In Mafraq Governorate, two people of Arab nationality were arrested after being monitored and 11,000 narcotic pills were found in their possession. A drug dealer was also arrested in Mafraq Governorate and 28 hashish were found in his possession.