29 / 1 / 2024 

Anti-narcotics department , in cooperation with Jordanian customs and security agencies, thwarted an attempt to smuggle 4,200,000 (four million and two hundred thousand narcotic pills) via a cargo vehicle at the Jaber border crossing.

3.5 kg of the deadly crystal substance was seized at the same crossing as  three drug-dealers were involved in smuggling into the Kingdom.

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department at the Jaber border crossing, in cooperation and coordination with Jordan customs and the security agencies operating there, were able to thwart an attempt to smuggle quantities of narcotic pills using a cargo vehicle.

In detail, information was received by the Drug Control Administration about regional groups and gangs preparing large quantities of narcotic pills in order to smuggle them through Jordan to one of the neighboring countries. The information was followed up and the smuggling method was determined using a shipping vehicle.

The spokesman confirmed that upon the arrival of the suspected cargo vehicle and its attempt to cross the border, it was stopped and upon inspection, 4,200,000 (four million and two hundred thousand narcotic pills) were found, amounting to an estimated 700 kg, hidden inside the vehicle body prepared for that purpose, and investigations were launched to identify those involved in the case.

In the same context, AND operating at the Jaber border crossing seized 3.5 kg of the deadly narcotic crystal, when following up on information received about a person’s attempt to smuggle it into the Kingdom. The vehicle prepared for that purpose was stopped, and the narcotic materials hidden inside were seized, three suspects involved in the case were identified, all of them were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.