25 / 2 / 2024 


Crystal, Shabwa, the devil drug, or Ice are names for a toxic and deadly chemical substance (meth amphetamine) that has begun to spread among young people without their knowledge of its danger and is causing them fatal and deadly harm.

 The substance that is fatal to humans can be addicted by the first dose, and treatment of it carries a lot of difficulty

 The Crystal narcotic  causes loss of mind and unrealistic hallucinations, and often leads to a person killing himself or others, or committing crimes without his knowledge of what is going on around him.

 The Crystal narcotic causes severe insomnia and lack of sleep for days on end, high temperature, nerve damage, increased blood pressure, heart attack, and emaciation, and causes severe aggressive behavior in its addicts.

 People are tempted to use it with lies that it is a stimulant and a sexual enhancer, which is untrue.

 Parents must pay attention to their children, and in the event of any change in behavior or symptoms mentioned above and suspicion of abuse of this substance, they must rush to provide him for treatment immediately before he loses his life or harms others.

The Anti- Narcotics department, in cooperation and coordination with the Directorate of Mass Media and Community Policing, launched an awareness campaign against the deadly narcotic crystal, to spread community awareness about it, inform the community of its dangerous and deadly harms, and motivate them to contribute to confronting it, preventing young people using it, and reporting any activity related to it.

This campaign comes to confront this deadly substance by the community awareness against it after recording an increase in the number of its addicts and its spread among young people without their knowledge of its danger and its deadly and life-destroying harm, in addition to the lies with which they are lured to try it and abuse it by the drug-dealers that it is a stimulant, and sexual tonic.

Crystal, shabwa, the devil drug, or Ice are all commercial names for one chemical substance, which is methamphetamine, which is a highly toxic and dangerous substance that is in the form of powder or crystalline granules, and can be addicted by using only one dose, prompting the person to increase the dose and repeat it to meet the body’s need for it, as a result of addiction, which accelerates the appearance of dangerous symptoms that may lead to death or self-killing.

This substance also causes serious health harm to its addicts, as it causes damage to the nervous system, mental disorder, hallucinations, severe insomnia, lack of sleep for days, high temperature, increased blood pressure, heart attack, emaciation, tooth loss, and lung infections, and it causes severe aggressive behavior for its users.

All of this makes this chemical a danger that threatens its users and everyone around them, as it pushes them to kill themselves, kill others, or commit any crime without knowing everything that is happening around them, in addition to aggressive behavior, lack of sense of place and time, and watching and imagining audio, visual, and sensory things that do not exist.

AND calls on the national media and all members of society to contribute to spreading awareness against this substance and to directly report any information about it, its dealers and its promoters, due to the danger it poses to society and its members.

PSD also calls on parents to pay attention to their children and the people they deal with, and in the event that they notice any change in behavior or the appearance of any psychological, aggressive, or health symptoms mentioned above, and if they suspect abuse of this substance, they must rush to provide him with treatment immediately before it is too late and he loses his life or harms others.