Four drug-dealers were arrested, including a South American, an Asian and two Jordanians, and Interpol was contacted regarding two other people.

  High intelligence and coordination efforts over a period of days led to the  criminal group, and the seizure of 2.5 kg of cocaine.

PSD spokesman stated that AND deals with an international smuggling cocaine group after days of intelligence efforts, work and high coordination.

The spokesman confirmed that the AND investigation team followed up information received a few days ago about the international group for smuggling cocaine and smuggled a quantity of it to the Kingdom.

The spokesman added that intelligence work and effort made by the investigation team led to collect information from inside the Kingdom and some South American, Arab and Asian countries.

The information revealed the identities of some criminal involved including the countries they are from, and their means of communication, and that two people, one of them an Asian and the other a South American, arrived in Jordan with a quantity of cocaine.

The suspects’ locations were located inside the Kingdom, as they were under observation for days to find out where the drugs were hidden and the people who would receive them.

PSD spokesman confirmed that the identity of the suspects of narcotic substances inside the Kingdom was determined, and they are two Jordanians whom were raided and arrested in conjunction with the movement of other raid teams to arrest the two Asian and South American persons, and they were arrested as well.

2.5 kg of narcotic cocaine was seized from the possession of the two arrested, and Interpol was addressed to have an action regarding the two other suspects, one of whom is in an Arab country and the other in a South American country.