The most prominent of these raids was for two drug dealers who prepared a secret hideout (a hole) inside which 107 packages of hashish and three firearms were hidden.

  In addition, during the past 24 hours, four other specific cases were dealt with in the governorates of the capital, Madaba and Aqaba

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department, with the support of the Gendarmerie, the Royal Badia Police and the department's special team, carried out a special security operations in the Northern Badia after collecting information about the locations of a number of drug dealers and promoters.

The spokesman confirmed that during the operations, 26 different locations were raided leading to the arrest of 11 wanted persons, drug dealers and promoters.

The most prominent of these raids was for two drug dealers who were arrested inside a hole they had prepared to hide drugs (107 packages of hashish and three firearms), while they also raided a wanted danger from people associated with regional smuggling gangs and arrested him after trying to escape and seized 1 kg of crystal and 1000 narcotic pills and two packages of hashish.

In the same context, the department's cadres dealt during the past 24 hours with four other cases in the capital, Madaba and Aqaba governorates, during which 8 drug dealers were arrested.

In the Capital Governorate, two cases were dealt with. In the first case, a drug dealer and two other people working for him were arrested to promote drugs in the regions north of the capital, and the three of them were seized with 6 packages of hashish and a large group of narcotic pills, while in the second case, two drug dealers were arrested in possession of 5 packages of  Hashish after raiding their location.

In Madaba governorate, after following up on a drug dealer and making sure that he possessed and transported a quantity of drugs by his vehicle, he was raided, arrested in possession of 1 kg of narcotic crystal, while in the last case in the Aqaba governorate, the house of two people who promote narcotic substances was raided and they were arrested.