11 traffickers were arrested, one of them classified as dangerous, and they were seized with large quantities of drugs and weapons.

The fight against drugs, with the support of the public Security formations, confirms the continuation of its intensive operations in various and all times.

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department, with support from various public security units, continued their intensive operations to strike the dens of drug dealers and promoters, stop their activities and prevent them from spreading poisons among members of society.

The spokesman stressed that during the past 48 hours, a series of raids and security operations were carried out in the governorates of Irbid, Mafraq, the capital, and Ajloun, during which 11 traffickers were arrested, one of whom was classified as dangerous, and large quantities of narcotics were seized in their possession.

In Irbid governorate, after an intelligence effort, an investigation team collected information about a group of drug dealers, and they were able to locate them inside one of the farms that they use to store narcotic substances.

In Mafraq Governorate, a security operation was carried out against drug dealers, which led to the arrest of three suspects, and they were seized with separate quantities of narcotic substances intended for sale.

In Ajloun Governorate, after monitoring one of the wanted persons classified as dangerous, his whereabouts were determined, raided and arrested, and a quantity of narcotic crystal was seized in his possession.

In the Capital, three cases were dealt with. In the first case, a promoter was arrested in possession of two and a half packages of hashish and 600 narcotic pills, while another promoter was arrested in the second case while selling four packages of hashish and an amount of narcotic pills. in the third case drug-dealer was arrested and seven packages of hashish and an amount of narcotic pills were seized.