PSD spokesman said that, through observations in the Al-Ruwaished area, information was received about a drug-dealer storing large quantities of narcotic pills in desert area in the Al-Ruwaished District.

He added that a joint security force dispatched the place and worked to scan the area. Three big bags were found hidden among the rocks, and 350,000 narcotic pills were found inside them. Investigations were launched to arrest the main dangerous suspect involved in the case.

In a related context, after collecting information about a number of people involved in narcotic drug trafficking cases in Sahab, AND implemented a special security operation against anyone involved in criminal activities, during which AND squads raided several sites and homes used to store and promote narcotic drugs.

The operation led to the arrest of four dealers, and a total of 28 palm-sized sheets of hashish, 3,500 narcotic pills, and three firearms were seized in their possession.