The seizure of large quantities of narcotic substances and the fight against them continues wherever they are

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department carried out a series of raids over the past two days and arrested a number of drug dealers.

he indicated that in a specific case in the Northern Badia, a security force raided the house of a drug dealer in the Northern Badia after collecting information about him and his possession of large quantities of narcotic pills. .

A security force also raided another drug dealer in the northern desert and arrested him, 15 packages of narcotic hashish and a large amount of narcotic pills were seized during the operation.

In the capital, following the arrest of a person, the investigators were able to locate where he hid large quantities of narcotic hashish inside an apartment in the north of the capital. Immediately, the place was dispatched and raided. By searching the apartment, 466 packages  of narcotic hashish (75 kg) were found, The investigation is still ongoing in the case.

In the south of the capital, after monitoring and following up on three drug dealers who were classified as armed, were located yesterday evening, and they were raided by the special team of the department, and they were all arrested in possession of three firearms and large quantities of hashish and narcotic pills.