** The messages are fake and are sent randomly. The sender falsely claims to hack electronic devices and the accounts of the person who receives the email.

** We call on everyone not to reply to these messages, delete them from the e-mail, and not to click any links attached.

PSD Spokesman said that the Anti-Cybercrime Unit has dealt, during the past few days, with many complaints received from citizens about mails to their inbox containing information that the e-mail account  has been hacked and all the electronic devices were hacked too. The mails included asking the victim  for  money in exchange for not publishing such data.

PSD spokesman confirmed that by investigating these complaints, it was found that those messages received via e-mail are random messages. They obtained e-mail addresses through personal data sites, employment or dating sites, and others. These e-mails are intended for fraud and electronic extortion.

The Anti-Cybercrime Unit calls on the citizens and residents, upon receiving such emails, not to reply to them, delete them from the inbox, not to enter any electronic links attached, not to transfer money, not to register on unsecured websites, and to communicate with the Anti-Cybercrime Unit through various methods of communication, or Via their Facebook page.