The operations was conducted  while dealing with ten specific cases, most notably in Ramtha, during which a drug smuggler was arrested in possession of 115,000 narcotic pills and half a kilogram of cocaine.

PSD spokesman said that the  Anti-Narcotics Department continued to deal with all forms of narcotic substances, and strike the drug-dealers activities during the past days with ten specific cases in the capital, Irbid, Ajloun, Mafraq, the northern desert and Ramtha.

The most prominent of these cases was after an intelligence effort and monitoring of one of the most dangerous drug dealers and smugglers in Ramtha, a drug dealer was arrested with  large quantities of narcotics in his possession, the suspect was arrested with two of his sons, after a strong resistance to force, trying to use weapons. Inspection of the place resulted in the seizure of 115,000 narcotic pills, half a kilogram of cocaine, and two firearms.

In the second case, in northern Badia, the house of two suspects was raided after confirming that it was used to store large quantities of drugs. They were arrested, and when the house was searched, 139 palms of hashish and 13,000 narcotic pills were found.

In Irbid governorate, two cases of drug dealers were dealt with. In the first case, two drug dealers were arrested, 4 packages of hashish and 3,000 narcotic pills were seized. In the second, a drug dealer was arrested with  5 packages of hashish in possession.

In the Ajloun governorate, two cases were also dealt with, The first was a raid on a house used by a person to grow marijuana seedlings. He was arrested and 220 marijuana seedlings were seized inside the house. In the second case, a special security force was able to arrest a wanted drug dealer who had 11 judicial restrictions against him.

In the capital, two cases were dealt with, in the first, in the east of the capital, during which two promoters were arrested after their attempt to escape, a quantity of narcotic substances was seized in their possession, while the second case was a suspect of crystal narcotics dealer was arrested.

In Al-Mafraq Governorate, a drug dealer was arrested after a raid on his whereabouts, and 6 packages of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills were seized in his possession. In another case, a quantity of marijuana seedlings was seized inside a person's house.

All cases and those arrested were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.