They were arrested  with 15 kg of hashish, 25,000 narcotic pills and three firearms

The arrest of an importer of crystal material in the Ramtha district, in possession of 2 kg

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department were able, after intelligence and operational efforts, to arrest an armed group of four drug dealers.

In the details, a special investigation team followed up information on a group of armed persons after receiving information about their criminal activities in the drug dealing.

The spokesman confirmed that the team was able to collect all information about the people and their use of a tent in the middle of the desert in the southern Badia for their narcotic activities. After that, they were raided and four suspects were arrested in different places after some of them showed resistance to force and attempted to use weapons. By searching the tent and its surroundings, it is found that a total of 25,000 narcotic pills, 15 kg of hashish and three firearms.

In a related context, in Ramtha, the location of one of the drug-dealers was raided, and he was arrested with 2 kg of narcotics.

a large quantities of narcotic marijuana seedlings were seized after a person’s house was raided and arrested in Mafraq Governorate, in Karak Governorate, a drug dealer was stopped inside his vehicle while transporting a quantity of drugs, and he was arrested with 7 packages of hashish and a firearm.

All cases were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.