Six drug dealers were arrested and large quantities of narcotics were seized.

PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department, through their continuous efforts to arrest drug dealers and promoters, arrested six drug-dealers in four specific cases in the capital and Mafraq. Large and separate quantities of narcotics were seized.

In the first case, the activities of a person of an Arab nationality were monitored after it was confirmed that he had trafficked and possessed quantities of narcotic substances and used two other persons to promote and distribute these substances in the capital and Irbid governorates. AND seized 20,000 narcotic pills In this case.

In the second case, a drug dealer was raided in the capital, and he was arrested red-handed while he was dealing with  narcotics. After searching him and his house, found that 7 packages of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills were seized 

In Mafraq Governorate, two cases were dealt with. In the first case, a house of a drug dealer was raided after receiving information about his possession of a quantity of narcotic cocaine, he was arrested and 1,300 kg of the deadly cocaine were found in the location, while in the second case, through an ambush, a vehicle was stopped, one of the suspects in trafficking cases was found in his possession 7 packages of narcotic hashish.