PSD spokesman said that staff-members  in the Anti-Narcotics Department, through their continuous operations against drug dealers, have dealt with, during the past 24 hours, three cases of trafficking and promotion in the governorates of Mafraq, Madaba and the southern Badia.

In the first case, the spokesman said that an investigation team from the Anti-Narcotics Department followed up information about a drug dealer, with the help of others, transporting a large amount of narcotic substances from Mafraq Governorate and his intention to deliver them to Karak Governorate in order to sell and promote them there.

The spokesman confirmed that after collecting the information and verifying all the details, the necessary operation was made on the road he will take, and at the specified time, he was raided, stopped and arrested, along with two other suspects. By searching the vehicle, 21 packages of hashish and 3000 narcotic pills were found inside it.

In Madaba Governorate, the house of a suspect in drug trafficking and promotion cases was raided after collecting information and making sure that he used his house to store and sell drugs.

While in the third case, a drug dealer was raided while he was inside his vehicle in one of the southern Badia regions, and he was arrested and seized with a firearm, 3 packages of hashish and an amount of narcotic pills.