PSD spokesman said that the cadres of the Anti-Narcotics Department dealt with a number of drug trafficking and promotion cases, during which five drug dealers were arrested and the smuggling of 20,000 narcotic pills was thwarted.

In the Capital Governorate, three cases were dealt with. In the first case, a drug dealer was arrested, east of the capital in which 18,000 narcotic pills were seized. In the second case, two drug dealers were arrested and 6,000 narcotic pills, an amount of narcotic crystal, and a firearm were seized. In the third case, 15 packages of hashish and 2,000 narcotic pills were seized from a drug dealer after he was raided and arrested.

In Aqaba Governorate, after collecting information and following up on one of the drug dealers who supply the promoters with narcotics, and making sure that he possesses large quantities of drugs, his house was raided as he was arrested with 700 grams of cocaine, 10 thousand narcotic pills, 1 kilogram of hashish and a firearm. .

An attempt by a person to smuggle a quantity of narcotic pills was thwarted after information was received that he had prepared a large quantity of narcotic pills and hidden them in the body of a vehicle in preparation for smuggling to a neighboring country, 20,000 narcotic pills was seized during the operation.