10 / 6 / 2024 

PSD spokesman said that the workers in the Anti-Narcotics Department continued their daily efforts to deal with drug dealers, promoters and smugglers, and during the past few days AND arrested 36 dealers, promoters and smugglers during their in 15 cases and security operations in various regions and governorates of the Kingdom.

The spokesman confirmed that the most prominent of these operations were in Mafraq Governorate, after collecting information and determining the location of a number of the most dangerous wanted persons, drug dealers and promoters, as their locations were raided simultaneously with the support of the special team of  the department, and the operation resulted in the arrest of 11 wanted persons, dealers and promoters, and the seizure of a total of (10,000 narcotic pills, 11 different firearms, a large amount of ammunition, and quantities of hashish and cocaine).

A security operation was also carried out in areas south of the capital, during which five drug dealers and promoters were arrested and various quantities of narcotics prepared for sale were seized, while another operation was carried out in Ajloun Governorate, during which two of the most dangerous drug dealers in the governorate were arrested.

The most prominent cases were the thwarting of the smuggling of 12.5 kg of crystal narcotics through the Jaber border crossing, when information about the case was followed up and the smuggling operation was thwarted, along with the deadly substances that were inside tobacco packages. At the same time, two suspects were arrested, and investigations led to their involvement in the case and that the smuggled quantity was coming for their benefit.

In West Balqa, AND followed up information about two suspects preparing a large quantity of narcotic pills in preparation for smuggling them to a neighboring country. The method of smuggling inside a suitcase, the location of the narcotics and those involved were determined, and they were raided and arrested. The suitcase was also seized, which contained 100,000 narcotic pills.

 In the south of the capital, after collecting information about a person suspected of firearms trafficking and confirming that he possessed and offered a quantity of firearms for sale, he was raided and arrested, and 8 different firearms, including automatic weapons, were seized in his home.

 In the northern desert, two specific cases were dealt with. In the first, three drug dealers were arrested after they resisted the security forces when they raided them, 65,000 narcotic pills and an automatic firearm were seized in their possession. In the second case, a dangerous drug dealer was arrested after he was raided and 66 palm-sized sheets of hashish were seized in his possession.

In Mafraq Governorate, three specific cases were dealt with. In the first, a wanted drug dealer was arrested, and he had a 20-year prison sentence, after he was raided and 2,000 narcotic pills were seized. In the second case, a dealer was arrested, and 5,000 narcotic pills were seized. In the third case, another dealer was raided and arrested, and 14 palm-sized sheets of Hashish were seized. In the central Badia, a drug dealer was arrested, and 4,000  palm-sized sheets of hashish were seized.

In the southern Badia, two drug dealers were arrested, and quantities of marijuana and hashish were seized. In Ma'an Governorate, a drug dealer was arrested after he was raided while transporting 2,000 narcotic pills in his vehicle. In the last case, south of the capital, two drug dealers were raided, arrested, and 5  palm-sized sheets of hashish and a firearm were seized.