During these cases, large quantities of various drugs and a group of firearms were seized.

PSD spokesman said that the workers of the Anti-Narcotics Department were able to arrest one of the most dangerous drug dealers, who supplies dealers and promoters with these toxins in the capital as the suspect was classified as dangerous.

The spokesman added that after collecting information about him for weeks, a date and place were determined for his transfer of a large amount of drugs from Mafraq Governorate towards the capital, and the necessary action was set for him as he was raided and arrested, 35 packages  of hashish, 3,000 narcotic pills and two firearms were seized during the operations.

AND  also dealt, during the past 24 hours, with a number of specific cases in the capital, Mafraq and West Balqa. In one of the cases, a tent used by a drug dealer to carry out his criminal activities by selling drugs was raided in one of the areas of West Balqa. He was arrested and a large quantity of drugs was seized inside one of the tents included the marijuana seedlings that were planted inside.

While in Mafraq governorate, a drug dealer was raided inside his vehicle, and he was arrested after he resisted the force, 1,500 narcotic pills, a package and a half of hashish, and an amount of narcotic crystal.

In the Capital Governorate, two cases were dealt with. In the first, and after collecting information about a drug dealer classified as very dangerous and armed, his whereabouts were located near the Seventh Circle, raided and arrested. In the second case, a drug dealer was arrested with 14 packages  of hashish and 1,000 narcotic pills in his possession.