Among the arrested is a wanted suspect connected  to international drug smuggling gangs, and he was arrested with 287 packages of hashish and 17,000 narcotic pills in his possession.

PSD spokesman said that the Anti-Narcotics Department continued to deal with all forms of narcotic activities, and have dealt during the past days with seven specific cases in the capital, Irbid, West Balqa and Rusaifa.

The most prominent of these cases was after a long intelligence effort to follow up one of the wanted persons classified as dangerous and connected to international drug smuggling gangs who has been in hiding for a while led to determine his whereabouts in the city of Irbid, and he was raided and arrested. With further investigation, information was collcted about an apartment he uses with others for storing drugs, as they were raided and 287 packages of hashish and 17,000 narcotic pills were seized inside, the investigation and search for those invloved is still ongoing.

In the Capital Governorate, four cases were dealt with, the most important of which was the arrest of a major dealer and distributor of promoters in the east of the capital, as he was raided and arrested. Three promoters who buy drugs from him to sell them were also arrested. 10,000 narcotic pills were found the place. in the second case, a drug dealer was arrested after he resisted the security forces and fired shots against them when he was raided him, as he was controlled without significant injuries and the used firearm was seized. Inside the house, 28 bottles planted with marijuana seedlings were seized, in addition to a quantity of narcotic pills and a quantity of crystal hashish.

In the last two cases in the capital, a promoter was arrested in the first case in possession of 7 packages of hashish and 2,000 narcotic pills, while the house of another promoter was raided in the second case as the suspect was arrested with 2 packages  of hashish, 120 gm of crystal, about 2,000 narcotic pills and a firearm were seized in the location.

In Rusaifa, the house of a promoter was raided and he was arrested with 7 packages of hashish, 1,000 narcotic pills and a firearm in his possession. In the latest cases in West Balqa, a drug dealer was arrested after resisting the force, and a quantity of marijuana seedlings and an automatic firearm were seized inside his house.