In the Capital Governorate, four cases were dealt with in different regions of the capital, during which four drug-dealers were arrested. The first person who was classified as dangerous was arrested and  a quantity of narcotic substances were seized. Seven packages of hashish were seized with the second drug dealer. As for the third, he was arrested with 2,000 narcotic pills and 7 packages of hashish, and the last was also arrested with 1,000 narcotic pills and 7 hashish packages.

In Mafraq Governorate and the Northern Badia, four cases were dealt with in which four drug dealers were arrested. In the first case, a drug dealer was arrested red - handed while transporting a large amount of narcotic pills. The vehicle was stopped, he was arrested, and 50,000 narcotic pills were found in his possession. Another drug-dealer was raided  in the second case and arrested, a half a kilo of narcotic crystal, 1,500 narcotic pills and 5 hashish packages were seized.

In the third case, 1 kg of  narcotic crystal and 3,000 narcotic pills were seized with the promoter. in the last case, 2,000 narcotic pills and 3 packages of hashish were seized with a drug dealer.

 In one of the western Balqa regions, a house used by a dealer was raided. The suspect was arrested for growing marijuana seedlings, and 200 marijuana seedlings were seized inside the house.

PSD spokesman confirmed that a joint security operation was carried out in Ramtha against wanted persons, suspects and drug dealers, as the operation led to the arrest of seven of them, and separate quantities of narcotic substances intended for sale were seized during the inspection of their whereabouts.

All those involved were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.