PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department have dealt, during the past 48 hours, with a number of specific cases related to drug trafficking and promotion as part of their ongoing operations.

The spokesman confirmed that 11 drug dealers were arrested and large quantities of narcotics and firearms were seized in their possession. In the Central Desert, two cases were dealt with : in the first one, a tent contained 20,000 narcotic pills was raided while In the second one, a drug dealer was arrested while transporting narcotic substances to one of the southern governorates, and seven packages of hashish were found in his possession.

In the Capital Governorate, three cases were dealt with, during which four dealers were arrested, in the first case, seven packages of hashish and 2000 narcotic pills were seized in the possession of a promoter, while in the second case half a kilo of hashish, a quantity of crystal and a firearm were seized, in the third case,  1000 narcotic pills were seized too.

In Ajloun governorate, two cases were dealt with. In the first case, a drug dealer and a wanted person classified as dangerous were arrested. The wanted one was charged for robbery and attempted murder, as he was arrested with a quantity of narcotic substances. In the second case, a drug dealer was raided and 3,000 narcotic pills were seized.

A drug dealer was also arrested in Ma'an Governorate, and he was in possession of a quantity of narcotic pills. All those arrested were referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court.