PSD spokesman said that Anti-Narcotics Department continued  the intensive operations to deal with  all forms of narcotic substances. During the past few days, seven specific cases were dealt with in the governorates of Aqaba, Irbid, the capital, Ramtha and Mafraq, during which 12 drug dealers and promoters were arrested  and Large amounts of narcotics and firearms were seized.

In the Aqaba governorate, two cases were dealt with, in the first case a drug dealer was arrested in possession of 30,000 narcotic pills, while the second case involved two drug dealers in possession of 11 packages of hashish.

In the Ramtha, three drug dealers of Arab nationality were raided, arrested, with 67 packages  of hashish and 7,000 narcotic pills in their possession. In Irbid, AND also raided the house of a promoter, and arrested him, accompanied by two other persons, and seized 2 kg of crystal and 250 g of Cocaine and a firearm.

In the Mafraq Governorate and the Northern Desert, two cases were dealt with. In the first, a person of Arab nationality was arrested in possession of 1,000 narcotic pills, while three automatic firearms and a quantity of narcotic pills were seized in the possession of another promoter after his arrest.

In the Capital Governorate, a drug dealer was raided, arrested with 14 packages of hashish in their possession.

In the same context, the department, with the support of the Gendarmerie Forces and the Zarqa Police Directorate, implemented an extensive security operation in Zarqa Governorate against people wanted for drugs, the operation resulted in the  arrest of 20 of them.