280 people were arrested in 143 cases of drug trafficking and promotion

34 awareness activities in various academic, social and media sites in the Kingdom, in partnership with relevant institutions.

Receiving 30 cases in the addiction treatment center of the Public Security Directorate

During these cases, 26 kg of narcotic hashish, 252,000 pills of Captagon, 2,000 pills of narcotic pills, 300 grams of narcotic crystal, a group of marijuana seedlings, one and a half kilograms of cocaine and a set of weapons were seized.

PSD spokesman said that the staff members in the Anti-Narcotics Department are continuing the operations to pursue all forms of dealing with narcotic substances and under the directives of the security leaders.

The spokesman confirmed that during this week, from 10/11/2022 to 16/11/2022, 143 cases of trafficking and promotion of narcotic substances were dealt with, during which 280 drug dealers and promoters of these substances were arrested, and they were all referred to the Public Prosecutor of the State Security Court. .

On the therapeutic level, the number of admissions to the addiction treatment center this week reached up to 30 cases, between admissions and referrals.

In the same context, AND, through the awareness dimension, implemented 34 educational and media activities for this week, which included a number of lectures, workshops and seminars in partnership with the relevant authorities and partners.

PSD spokesman stressed that anti-narcotics operations and security campaigns are continuing in all regions of the Kingdom firmly in dealing with anyone who tries to deal with narcotic substances from abuse, promotion and trafficking.