Continuous operations during the past 48 hours and a joint security force arrested two suspects classified as dangerous in Karak and Jerash.

PSD spokesman said that a security force from the Anti-Narcotics Department raided the house of a drug dealer, east of the capital, after collecting information about him and confirming that he was in possession of large quantities of narcotics and carrying out criminal activities related to trafficking and the promotion of these deadly substances.

The spokesman confirmed that the security force was able to arrest the drug dealer, by searching the house, 12 packages of hashish were found inside, in addition to nearly 2,000 narcotic pills and a firearm.

In a related context, the investigation and follow-up teams in charge of following up on wanted persons and classified as dangerous were able, two of them were raided by a joint security force in the governorates of Karak and Jerash, and they were arrested. The first has 16 judicial restriction, and 3 judicial requests against the second, and they will be referred to the sources of their requests.