AND seized 96 packages of hashish, 65 narcotic pills, and a quantity of coffee, containing a quantity of narcotic pills, in preparation for smuggling them to a neighboring country.

Anti-drug security force raided a house for expatriates, who used it to store large quantities of narcotic substances for the benefit of a drug dealer. The security force arrested the 6 expatriates and seized their possession of narcotic substances.

PSD spokesman stated that the security and intelligence work related to this case began weeks ago, with continuous efforts made by the AND investigation team worked to collect information about a drug dealer so that the team was able to collect all details and information about his criminal activities, and locate the location of  large quantities of drugs in Balqa Governorate.

The spokesman confirmed that, in light of this, the drug dealer, who was raided in Mafraq Governorate, was arrested with  possession of quantities of narcotic substances.

While another security force raided the location of the newcomers in Al-Balqa Governorate and arrested them, the force found 96 packages of hashish, 65,000 narcotic pills, and quantities of coffee.