The vigilance and professionalism of the anti-narcotics men and the expansion of investigations led them to discover the truth, acquit the driver, and arrest the main suspect, who hid his identity when delivering the package.

We call on drivers and travelers not to receive and transport any packages from unknown persons and unknown to them

PSD spokesman said that the cadres of Anti-narcotics department working at one of the border crossings found 20,000 narcotic pills hidden inside a package (wooden bed) after suspicious and searched one of the vehicles.

The spokesman added that the driver, who denied his attempt to smuggle, was immediately arrested and confirmed that an unknown person he did not know came to him and asked him to send the wooden bed with him to one of the neighboring countries and that there are those who will contact and receive him and do not know any details about him.

the professionalism of the investigation of anti-narcotics men and their keenness to reach the truth and follow up on any details related to the issues being dealt with prompted them to verify all the circumstances of the case and what was stated in the driver’s statements to reach the truth, which was done after the investigators collected and tracked information over a period of days, to be able to identifying the person involved in the smuggling case, raiding him, arresting him, and acquitting the driver whose sincerity was proven.

AND calls on drivers and travelers not to receive any packages  and transport them from unknown persons and they are not known to them, and if this is done, they must make sure by all means that these packages  are free of any narcotic or illegal substances in order to avoid falling victims to drug smugglers and dealers.