Public Security Directorate has warned against committing the crime of firing bullets, confirming its field procedures to monitor this phenomenon, arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The Directorate called on citizens to cooperate in dealing with cases of shooting and reporting the perpetrators, based on the principle of social responsibility that it is necessary to reject this phenomenon and its perpetrators.

In this context, Brigadier General Jumaa al-Hamaida, the Police Director of Balqa Governorate, confirmed that two people were arrested who fired shots during a graduation ceremony held in the governorate, as the weapons were seized and the legal actions were taken against them.

He indicated that that people practiced shooting fire despite visiting the graduate's house, congratulating his family before the ceremony.

In a phone call to AMEN FM, Brigadier General al-Hamaydah added that the phenomenon of firing bullets has become a socially unacceptable, as it poses a serious threat to the safety of residents near the house of the shooter.

He added that that, pursuant to directives of PSD HQ, this kind of crimes is monitored through patrols in civilian clothes around the clock, and investigations are followed up with all incoming reports, firmly and confidentially.

He also indicated that, in cooperation with the Mass media and community policing  Directorate, activities, programs and initiatives are being organized to warn against firing bullets, in addition to meetings and community visits to explain their danger of such practices.