In conjunction with the start of the new school year, and in order to ensure the safety of students, Public Security Directorate, through its various units and formations, implemented security and traffic awareness efforts, and community activities targeting the Kingdom's schools to welcome the return of students and educate them in various aspects of public safety.

The campaign, which was implemented by the Traffic Departments, the Mass Media and Community Policing , included guidelines and directives, such as safe traffic rules and proper rules for entering and exiting from buses and vehicles in a way that avoids traffic accidents.

Public Security Directorate called on the students’ families and those in charge of transporting students in public and private schools to work to educate students about the importance of following the safe behaviors while they go to their schools, whether on foot or in vehicles, and not to be reckless or rely on wrong habits that may pose a threat to their safety.

For its part, the Directorate of Civil Defense indicated the need to follow preventive measures and public safety measures, especially in light of the high temperatures, represented by not being to direct sunlight and drinking of fluids, and the need to supervise the entry and exit of students from classrooms and not to rush.