Criminal Investigation warns against falling victim to these methods, and unslove strange cases in which citizens have been victims.

** The civil defense deals with cases resulting in deaths and severe injuries, and search operations that last for days.

** Fatwa Department: Islam has fought against sorcery and forbidden communication with fortune-tellers, and there is no such thing as a spiritual sheikh.

The "Between the Lines" program broadcasted on the Public Security Radio revealed fraudulent methods used by criminals to defraud citizens after misleading them in the existence of burials and gold buried under the ground and the ability to find it.

The program hosted a number of experts and specialists to open the discussion in this file, the Amen FM Radio Program revealed that  the lives of citizens who were defrauded, and others who lost their lives as a result of the collapse of excavation sites or their suffocation in them.

The Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigation Department for Operations Affairs, Col. Osama Abu Athayya, explained that the term “under your house is gold” or “in your land is gold” often hides an ambush set up by fraudsters to hunt victims who soon enter a dark tunnel of fraud.

Colonel Abu Athayya added, during his interview on the Public Security Radio in the "Between the Lines" program, that fraudsters often target people who are ashamed to file a complaint because of their social situation, after the fraudsters study the physical, psychological and societal conditions of the victims before committing their crime.

On Public Security Radio, Abu Athayya raised strange cases, such as a case in which the fraudster buried a "fake gold statue" in the victim's land for a year before offering to extract it after a full year for a large amount of money, indicating that some victims pay large sums that reached one million dinars in searching for gold and burials.

The CID assistant director  confirmed that the criminal investigation achieved a rate of discovery of fraudulent crimes and the arrest of the perpetrators, which reached 100%, including cases related to the search for burials, indicating that in all cases whose parties were arrested,  it became clear after presenting the materials in question to the experts and sending them to the Department of Antiquities that they were fake.

He stressed the danger of being a victim in such practices, some of which resulted in murders during the excavation or after the completion of the search operations, indicating that CID dealt with an excavation of a basement under residential buildings with a length of 35 meters on a journey to search for fake burials that do not exist, which constituted a real danger to the residents of these buildings and the people carrying out these works.

In this regard, the Civil Defense revealed the seriousness of incidents  searching for burials, which often result in deaths or severe injuries, as the head of the Operations Division in the Civil Defense, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Al-Zayadat, stated that these incidents are usually tragic, especially in some excavations that may reach a depth to 50 metres, and what sometimes accompanies it in terms of lighting incense or materials that are believed to extract burials, which may cause certain death.

Civil defense indicated that the civil defense personnel face great danger in extracting the stuck or the corpses from inside these sites due to their narrowness and depth, which makes it difficult to use equipment andand sometimes endangers the lives of the civil defense personnel in their attempt to rescue those stuck in search operations that may last for days .

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the Fatwa Department, Dr. Ahmed Al-Hassanat, stated that there is no such thing in Islam as a spiritual sheikh, and he is only a person who takes advantage of people’s social conditions to defraud them.

He emphasized that religion forbades communicating with fortune-tellers and that Islam came to combat sorcery and manifestations of ignorance.