** The suspect came to the kingdom a few days ago, specifically to commit the crime, the motivation beyond the crime was revenge, not theft

PSD spokesman  said that on 30/1/2022, a report was received to CID that a delivery driver working through applications was assaulted  by  an unknown person asked him to drive him to an area south of the capital, the place was abandoned , the suspect  threatened the victim  with a sharp object and tied him up, after that  the vehicle and burned, and 170 dinars were stolen.

PSD spokesman confirmed that a special investigation  team from the Criminal Investigation Department took over the investigation which has led to identify the suspect in the crime, an Arab person who came to the Kingdom only days ago was located and arrested.

The suspect  admitted that he came to the Kingdom a few days ago, specifically to commit the crime and that he had not met the victim before, planned the crime while he was outside the Kingdom with the aim of avenging previous disputes, The investigation is still ongoing.