Specialized vehicles  and cadres from the Civil Defense and Public Security continued day and night and worked in high coordination that contributed to extinguishing the fire efficiently in record time, despite the nature of the burning material.

PSD spokesman said that the specialized teams of the Civil Defense continued day and night until they were able to deal with a fire that broke out in a factory for oils and petroleum materials in Sahel Al-Dabbah in Al-Mafraq Governorate.

The spokesman added that great efforts were made by the participating teams due to the nature of the burning material, which requires time and effort to complete its extinguishing. However, the intensive and continuous efforts led to controlling the fire in a timely manner and preventing its spread to the rest of the neighboring places, factories and warehouses, and the fire did not result in any injuries.

Dozens of specialized civil defense vehicles and a large number of human cadres from Mafraq Civil Defense Directorate participated in the firefighting operations, with the support of the Zarqa and East Irbid Civil Defense Directorates, the police and the gendarmerie, which worked in high coordination,