Dozens of specialized operational civil defense vehicles participated in the operations

Six civil defense personnel were taken to the hospital after they were injured while dealing with the fire

PSD spokesman said that the fire and ambulance cadres in the Civil Defense Directorate, with the support of the North and Zarqa Civil Defense Directorates, the Police Directorate and the Northern Gendarmerie Forces, dealt at dawn today with a fire that broke out in warehouses containing car parts and batteries in the Industrial City area in Irbid Governorate.

As the firefighting teams made great efforts in extinguishing the fire, which lasted for seven hours continuously, to prevent its spread to the neighboring shops.

The fire also resulted in the injury of six civil defense personnel while they were dealing with the fire, as the ambulance teams worked to provide them with the necessary first aid on the site and transport them to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

Dozens of specialized operational civil defense vehicles and a large number of firefighters participated in extinguishing the fire, with the support of the police and the Northern Gendarmerie. An investigation was opened to find out the cause of the fire.