25 / 4 / 2024 

The “Sawaed Al-Nashama” exercise, which was carried out in the presence of His Majesty the King, simulated climate change and the natural phenomena that may threaten lives and property.

Civil Defense response time to incidents is (8) minutes, and the ease of communication, coordination, and geographical spread contributed to this.

More than 215 civil defense centers and sites cover the governorates of the Kingdom, and operate non-stop around the clock.

Public Security Directorate provided Civil Defense from 2023 until the first quarter of this year with more than 300 vehicles, including 165 ambulances and 65 fire engines.

First aid represents 80 to 85% of civil defense field work.

8  thousand cases have benefited from “remote medical guidance” ambulance services since its launch 5 months ago.

Increasing the specialized training of the search and rescue team and doubling the number of its officers and personnel to more than 600, and work is continuing to raise the number to a thousand in teams covering the regions of the Kingdom.


The Director of Civil Defense, Brigadier General Dr. Mohammad Al-Omari, confirmed that Public Security Directorate continues to implement the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, in keeping pace with the needs of society and anticipating the future to provide the best services to citizens and residents.

He added, in his interview on AMEN FM  that the “Sawaed Al-Nashama” exercise, which was carried out in the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II, simulated climate changes and the natural phenomena that may accompany them, requiring taking the necessary precautions to deal with emergency environmental conditions that may threaten lives and property in the country.

He indicated to the simulation that the exercise dealt with, such as the simulation of floods resulting from a high percentage of rainfall in one of the regions of the Kingdom, a simulation that was chosen by the Risk Assessment Office in Civil Defense, indicating that this office provides topographical studies for all regions of the Kingdom to provide databases to all regions and sites that contain risks and prepare the necessary plans to confront them.

Civil defense director stated that advanced technologies were used during the exercise that were recently operated in service, such as drones, thermal cameras, search and inspection devices for missing persons, and the ScubaJet Pro device (torpedo) used by civil defense divers, indicating to the extent of cooperation and coordination between the Public Security Directorate and the Armed Forces - the Arab Army, and national institutions.

On the other hand, Al-Omari confirmed in his interview with Public Security Radio that the average response time of the Civil Defense to all incidents in all governorates of the Kingdom does not exceed 8 minutes, and the ease of communication and coordination between units and formations, and the transfer of information from the Directorate of Operations and Control, and the sub-operations rooms have contributed to this in civil defense in more than 215 locations, covering all regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Omari added  that the ambulance service provided by the Civil Defense at the event sites exceeds 80 to 85% of the Civil Defense’s work indicating to the capability of the Civil Defense cadres to provide the best ambulance services inside ambulances equipped with the latest equipment, which were recently linked with the treating physician in the hospital to receive medical instructions and implement them within the “remote medical guidance” service protocol, which has been applied to more than 8,000 cases since its launch 5 months ago.

In this regard, Al-Omari stated that the Director of Public Security, Major General Dr. AbeidAllah Maaitah passed orders since the beginning of the implementation of the remote medical guidance service, to expand the provision of this pioneering service to include all civil defense sites in the Kingdom, by providing ambulances with equipment capable of providing services according to dvanced medical and emergency services, in addition to distributing civil defense officers in all military and government hospitals to link and deliver the necessary information in coordination with the doctor receiving the case.

Al-Omari stated that the Directorate of Public Security provided the necessary capabilities and resources to provide civil defense with the latest equipment in order to implement the Royal directives on the necessity of raising the level of services provided to citizens in all governorates of the Kingdom.

He added that Public Security Directorate provided Civil Defense from the beginning of 2023 until the first quarter of this year with more than 300 vehicles that were on service, including about 165 ambulances and 65 fire engines.

Al-Omari indicated also that the Civil Defense Directorate was able to double the total number of the search and rescue team, to more than 600 trained and qualified individuals and officers, and that work is continuing to expand the number of manpower to a thousand officers and individuals in the main team and sub- teams in the regions of the Kingdom, while raising the levels of Specialized training, operational and logistical readiness to these teams.

Al-Omari explained that the Directorate of Public Security has paid great attention to developing and modernizing the institutes, facilities, and training and knowledge means in the Directorate of Civil Defense. This interest began to become clear through the Director of Public Security’s follow-up and supervision of the plans drawn up to raise the academic and professional level of graduates of the Prince Hussein Ibn Abdullah II Academy for civil Protection.

The Director of Civil Defense called on citizens to follow the instructions and advice published by the Public Security Directorate to avoid and prevent incidents, stressing the importance of requesting Civil Defense services on the emergency phone when these services are truly needed, as often an ambulance is called, for example, without There is an actual need for it, which may delay its arrival to those entitled to it in urgent cases.

At the end of the call to Public Security Radio, Al-Omari confirmed that the Public Security Directorate is in the process of launching a number of awareness and community campaigns and initiatives, in partnership and coordination with Mass Media and Community Policing Directorate to spread awareness and preventive education, especially in summer season