Hours of continuous work to control flames under high temperatures.

 Standard procedures and dozens of vehicles and teams led to control the fire without any casualties

PSD spokesman said that the specialized firefighting teams in the Civil Defense Directorate in central Amman, with the support of the Civil Defense Directorates in East Amman, West Amman, Madaba, the police, the gendarmerie forces and the Amman Municipality, dealt this evening with a fire that broke out inside a sponge factory in the Al-Zuhur area.

  The spokesman added that the firefighting teams made great and strenuous efforts in extinguishing operations, especially with the high temperature. Dozens of operational civil defense vehicles, a large number of firefighters, police and gendarmerie forces, and a number of water tanks of the Greater Amman Municipality participated in the operations to extinguish the fire.

Extinguishing the fire took several continuous hours due to the nature of the burning materials, which resulted in heavy smoke, and the fire did not result in any injuries, and an investigation was opened to find out the cause of the fire.